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Here it is 2022, and technology is continually revolutionizing entire industries and economies. How critical will technology be in 10-15 years when our kids graduate? There isn’t a profession or occupation where working with technology is not critical to success.

Despite this, technology is not being taught as a core discipline in K-12 education in most schools. Our teachers are doing their best, but there just isn’t enough time or money to dedicate to this important subject area within the current education curriculum.

Here are some important facts to consider…

The average salary for all STEM workers is $100,900. That’s well over double that of non-STEM occupations, where the median annual wage came in at $40,020.

(Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
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Millions of STEM jobs are projected to go unfilled in the near future. In fact, it's estimated that 3.5 million jobs will need to be filled by 2025.

(Source: US Department of Labor)
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That's right—according to a 2020 study sponsored by Code.org, fewer than half of US schools offer computer science curriculum. That begs the question: are kids going to be ready to meet the evolving, growing landscape of STEM professions.

(Source: Eschool News)
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Learning Atmosphere

We give parents a place their kids will love to go and learn the language of the future.

Experienced Team

As successful former franchisees, we’re driven to give our franchisees the best opportunity for success.

Advanced Curriculum

Our curriculum can easily travel and will give thousands of students outside our centers a chance to learn the cool things we’re teaching.

Esports Options

Take advantage of the fast-growing esports market which needs options for younger kids.

Earn Revenue

With multiple revenue streams we give franchisees the opportunity to make more money whereas competitors do not.


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